Reflections of Mamie - A Story of Survival

reflections of mamie

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Rosemary Adkins
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Do you dream your tomorrows?
Rosemary ‘Mamie’ Adkins pens her story of survival as a heart rending account of her life that took sixteen years to write. Her message to other victims is to ‘share your story’ with someone you trust and if you are able, ‘shout it out’ to other victims, showing them how you overcame and got help. Always ‘nurture your spirit – it belongs to you and no one can take it away from you. Be healthy and never give up!
rosemary adkins
Surviving and You Can Too
Mamie reminds you throughout every step of her journey that she is a survivor. Indeed, it was her consummate ability to hope, plan and dream that kept her going from four to fifty-something when the abuse finally ended. The saying that, ‘you can beat the tar out of the girl but you will never break her spirit without her permission’ explains her secret to survival. But did her story end there? What other surprises does Mamie have in store for you?
rosemary adkins

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